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Payment Methods accepted by Hippoprint

Only after full payment has been received will Hippoprint commence any work. Below you will find our accepted payment methods.


Our preferred payment method is by credit or debit card via our online payment gateway, provided by Sagepay. This secure payment method allows for rapid payment without risk or the need to register first.

Sagepay does not share your full payment details with Hippoprint.

Google Checkout

Each time you make a purchase through Google Checkout, we′ll let you know exactly how a charge will appear on your credit/debit card — once you complete an order, check your receipt for details. You may also notice temporary authorizations.

Your credit/debit card will be charged by Hippoprint, through your Google Checkout account. Note that the timing of the charge is based on the seller′s discretion and the Google Checkout settings. The standard format for charges on your statement is GOOGLE*Seller′s name, but please check your receipt for exact details.

Google doesn′t share your full payment details with Hippoprint.

Bill Payment or BACS

Bill payment or BACS are possible on request but no work will commence until full payment is received. This could seriously affect the likeliness of receiving your job the next day.


Paypal is available through our Sagepay payment gateway.


Payment by cheque is accepted but no work will commence on the job until the cheque has cleared.