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commercial printing companies

While the world continues to grow more and more digital, physical printing is still just as necessary as ever. The average employee costs $725 per year when it comes to printing. However, with a desire to change the way printing is done, many companies are shifting to commercial printing companies, instead of handling printing themselves.

So, why is this shift taking place? Why are commercial printing companies growing in popularity? You’ll find the answer to these questions and more by reading on.

Save Money

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a printing company is the potential to save money. In this regard, there are several ways in which using a printing company has an edge over handling printing in-house.

For one, a company will spend less money on equipment. Buying a printer and the equipment to manage this printer can be expensive. Sometimes, it can end up being more than a company can justify.

This is especially true for small businesses. Purchasing this equipment is a large upfront cost. Many small businesses will be unable to afford this upfront cost and, even if it is affordable, that money may be better spent investing in other improvements.

Going along with this, the cost of maintaining a printer is also expensive. This includes purchasing ink, paper, and any parts that need replacing. Printers also occasionally need maintenance, which adds even more costs to the mix.

By using a printing company, many of these costs are shifted over to the printing service. However, since they handle a large number of orders, they are able to spread out these costs better.

Save Time

Hiring a printing company doesn’t just save money, it also saves time. Offloading the responsibility of managing the entire printing process can end up having a large impact on a company’s resources.

Handling printing within a company means that an employee will have to set up the printer, send the documents to the printer, make sure nothing has gone wrong, watch to make sure no jams or problems take place, and then retrieve the final product. Then, if there is a problem along the way, they may end up having to start over.

When hiring a printing company, all the employee has to do is send the required information to the company. Then, they just wait for the prints to arrive. It is that simple.

By saving time, printing services allow a business to focus on itself. Instead of having an employee working on printing, the business can have the employee working on their actual work. This increases the amount of work a company is able to do.

Reduce Unnecessary Printing

By not having a printer, a company is already saving money. However, they are also reducing the amount of unnecessary printing that takes place within the office.

If there is a printer in the office, employees can use it to print out quick memos, leave notes, or simply print unnecessary files. It is estimated that around half of all printing is never even looked at and, thus, is unnecessary. This is a massive waste of company resources.

However, by running all printing through a printing service, employees will have to be more conscious of what they are printing and why they are printing it. They may end up sending a few more emails instead of wasting dozens of printed pages.

Professional Services

Finally, one of the biggest reasons that commercial printing companies are so essential is that they provide services that simply cannot be provided elsewhere. A company managing an in-house printing service can only do so much. Meanwhile, a professional printing company has access to materials and resources that most companies will not even consider.

Sometimes these services cannot be found elsewhere because of the size of the job. This size could mean the physical size of the printing or the number of copies required.

For example, there are times when a company will need to do some art printing in order to create a banner for a conference or trade show. This requires a large and cumbersome printer. Most companies will be unable to justify getting one of these printers just to accomplish a single job.

Other times, these services cannot be found elsewhere because they require a professional touch. In-house printing is alright for small jobs but in jobs where quality is key, a professional will fare better.

For example, business cards are a great thing to have printed by a professional. On a business card, a small flaw can stand out. So, having a professional handle the printing and cutting ensures that there are no problems that will scare away potential customers.

In the modern age, printing companies can also offer services that make them similar to printing something in the office. In the past, the key advantage of printing something in the office was that professional printing services took too long and in-office printing was almost instant.

However, now, there are plenty of companies that offer next day printing services. This means that the turnaround time for printing is lower than ever.

The Benefit of Commercial Printing Companies

There are a lot of reasons why commercial printing companies are becoming more popular. They save money, they save time, and they provide a level of service that is hard to replicate. This is why they are so attractive to both large and small businesses.

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