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business card ideas

Did you know that cheap business cards could give potential clients and collaborators a bad impression?

If you want to avoid this outcome, consider working with a design agency that only supplies you with quality printables like business cards.

Are you a new business owner who is ready to launch their brand? Read our article about the top 9 business card ideas for new business owners!

1. Business Cards With Your Logo

Showcasing your logo is a great way to build a sense of brand awareness. Simplify your business card design so your logo is easily noticeable.

New business owners can benefit from a quick logo design. Don’t worry, creating a logo does not have to be stressful or overly complicated.

Focus on the readability of your logo. Incorporate your brand name and any colour palette into your design. Compelling logos utilize one to two colours and a font that is easy to read.

2. Colorfully Professional Cards

If your brand focuses on art, consider making your business card as colourful as possible! Colourful characters and whimsical fonts can attract your target audience.

Get to know your target audience to choose the best colour palette. Bold colours can also set your card apart from the competition.

Don’t sacrifice professionalism for bright colour palettes. Work with your creative team to filter through possible design options!

3. Business Cards With QR Codes

Traditional business card designs are quickly becoming outdated. If you want to attract new audiences, then consider updating your business cards to reflect modernity.

QR codes can be easily integrated into your current business card designs. Digital codes can be scanned on your business card that will direct users to your website or social media account.

Each code is unique and carries the digital signature of the business. Consider integrating QR codes into all of your physical PR merchandise.

4. Simple Business Card Options

Simple business card designs are a great idea for new business owners. Minimal designs are easy to customize. Personalize business card templates to mirror your brand’s ethos.

White business cards featuring black text are the most common type of hand-held advertisements. Minimal business cards are also one of the most cost-effective options. Here are some useful templates to get you started!

Crisp business cards let your clients know that you have an impeccable sense of design and are able to execute quality works of art. Make your design choices palatable to a variety of tastes for the best results.

5. Quirky Memorable Business Cards

Is your target demographic full of quirky creatives? Design a business card with them in mind! Business cards that feature cartoon characters and joyful fonts can help you attract new clients.

Survey your target audience to find out what type of artwork is most appealing to them. Memorable business cards are authentically unique and feature original characters.

Always design with your target demographic in mind! Put yourself in their shoes and consider what style preferences they might have. Watch how this information will help upgrade your business card design ideas.

6. Feature Your Original Artwork

Speaking of original content, feature your original artwork on your business cards as much as possible! Think of your business card as a mobile advertisement.

Leave your business cards in public spaces, coffee shops, and corporate offices. You never know who could stumble across your artwork!

If you plan on utilizing your original artwork, then make sure to include a QR code or social media profile information. In case they lose your business card, they will still be able to access and enjoy your work.

7. Textured Business Cards Ideas

Business cards that feature texture can keep the attention of your clients and potential collaborators.

Since business cards are a tactile form of advertisement, texture plays a crucial role in their ability to connect with your audience.

Textured business cards also cater to neurodivergent demographics. The texture creates a mind and body connection that is hard to forget!

8. Digital Business Card Designs

Digital business cards are the best way to interact with potential customers and collaborators! Virtual environments like the Metaverse are the perfect place to hand out your digital business cards.

Virtual business cards can be customized to come alive on screen! Make your digital business cards fun to interact with for all ages. Post your virtual business cards on social media!

New business owners can take advantage of the untapped potential of virtual environments. Investing time and resources into digital landscapes will give you a leg up on your competition in the future!

9. Make Your Card Accessible

Business cards are a tactile medium that requires several senses to enjoy. If your consumer base contains individuals that cannot see or feel, then consider upgrading.

Cards with text can now be customized with accessibility features.

Try These Business Card Ideas!

Now you know all about the top 9 business card ideas for new business owners. Are you ready to design a stunning business card that wows your audience?

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