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Sure, digital media is important. Keep posting pictures on Instagram and hot takes on Twitter! While you’re at it, take a moment to remember that your old pal, print, is just as important for small businesses.

Why are printed marketing materials a must in your marketing strategy? Print has a way of standing out against the digital noise. Plus, you can reach your local audience with printed materials in a more direct and measurable way.

We know what you’re thinking: “But I’ve stopped using printed materials! Where do I start?”

We’re glad you asked. At Hippo Print, we make fast printing our number one priority, and we can print just about anything you can dream up. To get your inspiration flowing, keep reading for seven of the most important types of printed marketing materials to bring back this year.

1. Posters

First, let’s start with your storefront. How is it looking? Does it need a bit of sprucing up or a touch of branding?

When customers walk into your store, you want them to know exactly where they are, what to expect, and what to buy. In fact, you want them to know before they even walk in the door! That means that you’re going to need eye-catching window dressings, interior calls to action, and promotional signage.

How can you give your store the branded makeover it deserves? Start with posters. Not only are posters a great way to guide the customer experience in your own store, but they also make for great promotional materials to share with other local business owners who want to support your company.

2. Business Cards

Do business cards still matter when all of us have a digital footprint the size of, well, a hippo’s? The answer is a resounding yes.

Imagine that you’re at a convention and potential investors head your way. They’re interested in your products, they see a future in your business–but the only thing you can offer them is a way to find your company website.

The truth is that business cards are still important because they’re professional and personal. Investors, clients, and customers all want to know the person behind the brand. By handing over a business card, you give them access to you as a person, rather than just your business as a faceless entity.

3. Flyers and Leaflets

So you want to broaden your target audience and tap into a new pool of potential customers. Yes, you can spread the word on social media. But what if your target demographic isn’t online or you want to make sure that they definitely see your marketing campaign?

It’s time for direct mail marketing. Leaflet and flyer printing is one of our top services because leaflets and flyers make for perfect mailers.¬†Impress potential customers with bold graphics, quality pictures, and useful information that will leave them wanting to purchase your products or sign up for your services.

4. Banners

What if you’re planning a big event and want to make sure that everyone knows about it? What if you’re about to have a major summer sale and want to increase your foot traffic? As they say in the movies, go big or go home!

Sometimes, a poster isn’t enough. Banners are like a poster’s bigger, more eye-catching older brothers. At Hippo Print, we believe that the bigger the banner the better, which is why we offer both standard and roller banners.

The best part? Our banners are made from a PVC material that stands up to rain, heat, wind, and cold. You can fly your Hippo Print banner in every English season and not worry that it’s going to fall to pieces.

5. T-Shirts

When we think about printed materials, we tend to think about things that one might¬†print on paper. It’s time to broaden our horizons and welcome T-shirts into the realm of printed marketing materials!

T-shirts are some of the best promotional materials because no one turns down a free T-shirt. Plus, when someone in town decides to wear one of your branded T-shirts, they’re walking around advertising your business to everyone they come into contact with. Who doesn’t want their brand awareness campaign to grow legs and start walking around town?

6. Postcards

Looking for a friendly way to say hello to customers new and old? Postcards are a cost-effective way to remind people in your area that your business is around and waiting whenever they want it. Because of their size, it’s easy to put together a postcard design that gets your message across and increases brand awareness.

Plus, postcards are easy to customize. Get personal and leave a note for the customers you cherish that will let them know how much you value their business.

7. Letterheads

Not all types of printed marketing materials are flashy and promotional. Some are designed to streamline your communications and show that you mean business. Letterheads do exactly that.

From newsletters for your customers to communications with investors, make sure that you’re writing in style. A custom letterhead is just what your business needs to convey professionalism and class.

Stock Up On Printed Marketing Materials Fast With Hippo Print

Now that you know where to start, you’re probably wondering how to print marketing materials ASAP. That’s where Hippo Print comes in!

We offer tons of printed marketing materials to choose from and allow you to customize your design every step of the way. We specialize in rush orders, getting your materials ready in no more than one week and as quickly as one day. With free UK delivery to boot, you can’t beat the Hippo!

Contact us today to start putting together your order. We can’t wait to help you maximize your print marketing campaign!